Sash Windows Bolton Offer a Full Windows Repair Services

At Sash Windows Bolton we focus primarily on sash window repair, but also aspire to upgrade the performance of the window as a whole. The benefits of Sash Windows Bolton repairing your sash windows are endless, ranging from reduced energy bills and noise pollution, eradication of draught and development in home value. Sash Windows Bolton will replace weather-strips, chains or cords, rebalance and lubricate the pulleys and then carefully return the sash into the frames.

Sash Windows Bolton Offer Gaurenteed Repairs

sash windows are much exposed and prone to draughts than the standard frame, so, choosing Sash Windows Bolton to professionally add draught proofing to your windows is of generous pro to their expertise . To eliminate draughts and air leakage, Sash Windows Bolton can employ a special sealing method during repair work. It is very rare that damage or decay to sash windows cannot be rebuild by Sash Windows Bolton by utilising optimal tools and getting the most high technical skill of the product.

We Can Repair All Types of Sash Windows

Window repair work by Sash Windows Bolton is just one excellent method of increasing the effectiveness of your existing sash window, profits involve lessening of draught and soundproofing. If the damage to your sash windows is extensive and beyond repair, you may want to consider getting a complete or partial replacement job finished by Sash Windows Bolton. Repaired windows will still match the look of your Lancashire home and will be laborless to consequently style at a later time.


Most repair jobs carried out by Sash Windows Bolton comply to an order such as this so you know what to expect from the process: Common problems found with sash windows can easily be remedied with simple repair work carried out by Sash Windows Bolton. During the repair process Sash Windows Bolton will retrieve the present sash from the window frame to remove, repair or clean the window itself.

Sash Windows Bolton Are The Company to Trust

Once installed again, the window will be painted and finished to the highest standard which is all we agree to at Sash Windows Bolton. Sash Windows Bolton skilled staff will accurately clean the joints and route out rotten wood before a new resin and timber is used for any hollows. Sash Windows Bolton repair services oftentimes result in tons of sash windows seeming as if they've been interchanged.